Introduction To Prince

Introduction To Prince

Four-year-old Prince is a fun-loving and spirited young boy. His natural inclination for learning and reading was obvious from an early age. So much so that by 18 months old he could communicate in sign language, identify the alphabet, numbers 1-10, primary colors and 2D shapes!

Prince is an avid reader and has, to date, read over 3000 books. Prince’s homeschooling environment and genuine love for books has led to a partnership between him and his mom to self-publish his fun ideas in the form of books.

As you explore Prince’s books, much of his studies and personal interests will clearly shine through. These range from his interest in dinosaurs, vehicles, the continents of the world, to his love for his family. His books are the perfect fiction early reader books that also capture the imagination of more advance readers.

Kids will find Prince’s break out book ‘Prince and the Magic Remote’ fun and relatable. After all, no one knows the thoughts of a child better than another right?

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